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"Your firm has made a significant contribution to the TEACH Wisconsin Wiring Program.   You have worked with numerous school districts in this program and we have received a large amount of favorable comments from the districts that used your services."

Doris J Hanson,
Executive Director,
State of Wisconsin,
TEACH Wisconsin

Intelligent Network Solutions, Inc. (INS) was formed in 1992 to assist the business community in the analysis, design, and implementation of large integrated communications systems.   Specializing in voice, data, and video systems, INS has the unique ability to provide its clients with a myriad of services which include: Application Development, Financial Analysis, Bid Specifications, Product Procurement;, and Project Management and Implementation.

The design team of INS has over 80 years of industry experience in the analysis and design of communications solutions for a variety of business applications.   Supported by a strong technical and project management background, INS has managed the successful implementation of over 100,000 voice and data lines and provides its clients with a complete Turnkey solution for their communication needs.

By following a proven methodology for analysis and systems design, all communications solutions are based on recognized industry standards and implementation guidelines.   By following these standards, our clients are able to implement both present and future applications and systems efficiently and cost effectively.

At INS, we pride ourselves upon our ability to deliver quality, comprehensive solutions to our clients.   While many consulting firms provide traditional consulting services, as a systems integrator, INS provides a complete skill set that incorporates voice, data and video technologies into a single manageable entity.

In addition to providing our clients with a variety of technical and business expertise, INS can also provide "hands-on" project management and System Relocation Services during large construction or remodeling projects.   The combination of our system integration skills, and our insight and experience with the construction process, can provide our clients with a powerful resource for any communications related project.

Both large and small companies are recognizing communications consultants as valued partners for selected projects.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss your firm's communication needs and encourage you to take advantage of our services by calling us today at (414) 476-3200 or email us at .

Services Offered
Network Design
  • Local Area Networks

  • Metropolitan Area Networks

  • Wide Area Networks

  • Branch Office Networks

  • Network Backbone Design

  • Data Center & Server Room Design

  • Traffic Flow Analysis

  • Application Development

  • Structured Wiring Systems including Fiber Optic Systems

  • Component Analysis & Specification including:

    • Routers

    • Multiplexers

    • Network Switches

Video Systems
  • Desktop Video Conferencing

  • Distance Learning

  • Video Arraignment

  • Interactive Video

  • Security and CATV

  • PBX/VoIP Evaluation and RFP Development

  • Long Distance Analysis

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Emergency Government Services

  • Cellular & Wireless Service

  • Microwave Services

  • Fiber Optic Services

  • Network Backbone Design

  • Traffic Flow Analysis

  • Application Development

  • Call Center Analysis & Setup

  • ACDs, Voice Mail Systems

  • Audio Response Systems

  • Facilities Management

  • International Networks

Project Management
  • Strategic Planning

  • Coordination with Construction & Remodeling activities

  • Relocation Services

  • Facilities Management

  • Systems Integration Systems

Architectural, Engineering & New Construction Services

Since our inception, INS has worked with many architectural and electrical engineering firms and Design Build Contractors during the design (DD) and construction documents (CD) phases in the development of the floor plans that depict the communications infrastructure on several large construction projects.

Specifically, Intelligent Network Solutions Inc. works with you and the design team to identify and locate communications outlets and types, cable trays, communications closets, and to address communications building entrance concerns for the site preparation.   Since our inception, INS has completed the design and construction of 200+ Data Centers, Server Rooms, and Computer Labs.   Included in these services is the development of all floor plans, cost estimates, and technical bid specifications that are integrated with the general bid document.   In addition INS has also provided Project Management services for several projects that involved inspection, management of all punch list activities including system testing and performance validation, and other installation concerns.

All drawings are prepared electronically in AutoCad and all bid documents follow the Construction Specifications Institute, CSI format.

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